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 Chemistry eh?!

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PostSubject: Chemistry eh?!   Sat Dec 15, 2007 8:16 am

Well Robo Cop hahah, going to see you guys tonight in Spring and Air Break:

By the way is me from class Philip Herron! Me and Star Trek Ryan Hamilton Bryce are gona see you guys tonight can't wait Very Happy whens your next album ?! Very Happy

Although your making it in the Music business your A level chemistry class will still remember you as the person who gave us tic tacks for concentration calculations! Very Happy. Oh god remember how to balence them ole equations hey!

Us people up the coast or down the coast jezz... (We have our own energy making machine... you just plug it in to the ole mains there!)

Hahahaha Keep up the good work with the band and if possible please do another song like "This is a Test" Very Happy

Openheimer Rules Very Happy
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Chemistry eh?!
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